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Girls Softball

Latest Boxford Lightning News

Fund Raising

Boxford Girls softball is a growing program and we have some aggressive goals for the 2017 season.  In order to fully understand and play the game of softball, we need to be able to provide access to the tools and techniques required to build a strong, confident player.  

Thanks to the generosity of Sean Fennel, who donated $1000, and the Boxford Perley Trust, who donated $1000, Dick's Sporting Goods who gave us $350 in gift certificates, and all of your registration fees, we were able to purchase a ton of new equipment.  

For 2017, we purchased a new pitching machine, a generator to run it, 96 practice balls, 24 pitching machine balls, 3 top of the line Demarini bats, a pitcher screen, a hit stick, 2 batting screens, 3 tees, a hitting harness, new catchers gear, heavy training balls, lite training balls and a thin bat, the Zepp swing analyzer, professional pitching sessions, indoor training time and coaching. 

If you are interested in donating to our program, we could use additional funds to pay for the equipment that we already purchased.  

If you would like more information email, or call 978-887-0238


Scott Novack

Spring softball

Things are underway for Boxford Softball. The Regular season started the week of April 24.  Games will end June 2nd, with June 5 to June 9 reserved for makeup games.  Playoffs will start June 12, with semi finals on June 17th and the finals on Fathers day June 18th.  

Visit our Schedule page to view individual team schedules.

Team Practices:

There will be a pitching practice every Thursday from 5 to 6 followed by hitting practice from 6 to 7.  All players are invited to attend both practices.

  • The Farm team will have regular team practices on Saturdays 1:00 to 2:30.
  • The Junior team will have regular team practices on Sunday afternoon.
  • The Senior team regular practices are Saturdays 4 to 6


We recommend that you consider purchasing slide shorts and a slide pad. Sliding is part of the game and we expect the girls to get in under the tag. The pads make it less painful and help prevent scrapes and bruises.

You may want to consider a softball batting helmet with a face mask. We do have some team helmets available, but many of the girls purchase their own batting helmet. Note: Starting in 2017 chin straps are no longer required for helmets. 

If your daughter is new to the game, consider a face mask.  Most of the girls purchase a mask as protection against a bad hop.  If you are thinking about pitching, it is an absolute must.  

On the list of good ideas for equipment are cleats, batting gloves, and of course a fielding glove.  Many of the Sr. girls have purchased their own bat. Bats are a larger investment as they can easily run up to $350.00.  These should be considered only for the most serious players.  We have plenty of good bats available for different size players. This season we are purchasing 3 top of the line bats that retail for $350 each, so we should have good quality options available for anyone.  

If you are not sure about the best glove or bat, ask one of the coaches. I do not recommend just going and getting something that looks neat.  We can help you find a quality glove that will work well and help them catch the ball effectively.  


We will be sticking with the light blue jerseys that we used in 2016 and 2015.  Uniforms can be purchased at Team outfitters in Georgetown. You will want to go in for a fitting to select pants, and the jersey as well as getting the team socks.  We are not recommending the visor since they never seem to get worn.  If you already own a uniform that fits, you are all set.  Below is information on getting your new uniform:

Ordering info for the Boxford Girls Softball Uniform for grades 3-8

The uniform is the same as the Spring 2015 and Spring 2016 seasons.  If your daughter's uniform still fits, you are all set.

The jersey is custom and you need to order through Team & League Outfitters in Georgetown for $26

The pants are solid black.  You can order through Team & League, but they are not custom so you can purchase them elsewhere.  Pricing starts at $15 at Team&League.

The socks are light blue to match the jersey and are $8 at Team & League

Visors are custom but are OPTIONAL and can be ordered through Team & League Outfitters for $15.

Fitting dates at Team & League Outfitters in Georgetown:
Monday, March 13th through Monday, March 27th
Fitting Hours: Mon - Fri 11am-6pm, Sat 8am-Noon. No appt. necessary.

If you know what sizes you need, you can either text or email Jen to place your order.  Since the uniform is purchased to fit for more than 1 year, Jen can't choose your sizes for you, so if you don't know what sizes you need, please visit the store.

Team & League Outfitters info:

Jen Dziadosz (email is and text # is 978-314-8339)103 EAST Main Street (Rt. 133 - Georgetown Building Supply Plaza)
Georgetown, MA 01833

REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED effective March 10, 2017

REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED effective March 10, 2017

Boxford Lightning Senior Team

For the Spring 2017 season the team is:

Manager,  Jim Locke

Assistant coaches; Mark Reimold, Scott Novack, Mark Belanger, Gary Winslow, Eric Blum

Pitching coach: Claire Roll

Hitting coach: Mark Reimold

Social coordinator; Josilyn Demarco

Record 1-0

Ainsley Novack
Alexandra  Locke
Eliza Reimold
Caroline Belanger
Tracy Weener
Vanessa Powers
Samantha Demarco
Carolyn Blum
Sara Rave
Halle Scully
Lauren Bertinato
Emily Winslow
Anna  Fennell
Nora  Kosakowski
Jesica Tocci
Ava Pelletier
Emily Coughlin

Boxford Thunder Junior Team

For the Spring 2017 season:

Coaches: Ben Hoag, Matt Boyle

Pitching coach: Claire Roll

Hitting coach: Mark Reimold

Social coordinator: Michelle Boyle

Record 0-1

First Name Last Name
Sophia Scott
Mia  Maddaleni
Madeline Blanchette
Sara Tocci
Lauren Boyle
Allison Hoag
Keira Holland
Ellie Posanka
Anna Gomes
Madeleine Payne
Keira Gallagher
Remi Cote
Kylie Cusak





Boxford Bobcats Farm Team

For the 2017 Spring season:

Head Coach: Gary Winslow

Assistant coach: Tom Stevens

Hitting coach: Mark Reimold

Pitching coach: Claire Roll

Social coordinator: Michelle Winslow


Savannah Stevens

Alicia Soltys

Ezrie Carr

Amy Klanderman

Kate Winslow

Isabella Maddaleni

Chloe Bart

Hannah Pietropaolo

Erin Dengizli

Molly Bushway

Gianna D'Amato

Maya Schildkrat

Abby Ellis

Isla Deeks




Essex County Women's Softball League (ECWSL)

The BAA participates in the Essex County Woman's Softball League (ECWSL).   The league philosophy is a recreational and development, however the older grades get increasingly more competitive.


The league is organized by grade as follows:

 Farm League -- current grades 3, and 4
Junior League -- current grades 5 and 6
Senior League -- current grades 7 and 8

This season is approximately 12 games in length, running from the last week of April through mid-June. Games are Monday-Friday, 6:00-7:30pm, with one home and one away game per week, plus a weekend practice scheduled around soccer games. Junior & Senior teams compete in playoffs mid-June, with trophies being awarded to the first and second place finishers. The league is comprised of teams from 15 towns across the North Shore.

Boxford girls are eligible to play.  Girls younger than Grade 3 can participate in the BAA co-ed Instructional program under the baseball program.

Contact via email with your questions.

Scott Novack BAA Girls Softball Director