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Girls Softball

Boxford Girls Softball Program

Girls in Grades K-8 who want to play softball are encouraged to join the Boxford Softball Program. The program's main emphasis is to foster a strong and supportive team environment where everyone can flourish. Not only will coaches help develop each player's skills, but also promote each girl's self-esteem and self-confidence. While we want to be competitive in each game, it is much more important that your daughter graduates the program happy and confident in her abilities, not only in softball but any field.

The BAA participates in the Essex County Woman's Softball League (ECWSL). The league is comprised of teams from 15 towns across the North Shore.  The league philosophy is a recreational and development, however the older grades get increasingly more competitive. The league is organized by grade as follows:

Instructional Division - Open to girls entering grades  Pre-K & K  in September of 2022.  The Instructional Division is a level of play designed to introduce girls to the game of softball, develop individual skills, and most importantly....have a lot of fun.  The level has an emphasis on introducing the players to throwing, batting and fielding.   This program runs on Sunday from 4:00pm-5:15pm, starting the 1st Sunday of May through mid-June.  

Pre-Farm Division - Open to girls entering grades 1st & 2nd in September of 2022.  The Pre-Farm Division is a level of play designed to continue introducing girls to the game of softball and developing individual skills.  It is a continuation of Instructional but the girls will have weekly coach pitched games with our neighboring towns and focus on preparing them for Farm Division.  This program runs for 6 weeks starting the 1st week of May through mid-June.   

Farm Division - Open to girls entering grades 3 & 4 in September of 2022.  The Farm Division is a level of play designed to help players make the transition from coach-pitched games to player-pitched games.  This level has an emphasis on developing pitchers and basic game techniques in the infield.  Players also must develop a comfort level with batting against player pitching.  All second grade players should be prepared to start the season having the ability to throw and catch a softball with proper technique. This is a developmental/ instructional league and coaches strive to have players play multiple positions during a season.  At this level, the ball is an 11" inch hard softball.  Pitchers pitch from a 35' foot pitching distance.  Bases are 50' feet apart.  There is no stealing or bunting. A maximum of 4 runs can be scored per inning. 

Junior Division --  Open to girls entering grades 5 & 6 in September of 2022.  The Junior Division is the first level of competitive play within ECWSL.   Players do all the pitching.  Players entering the Junior Division should be able to: Throw and catch a ball from across the diamond (i.e. from 3rd base to 1st base), Independently demonstrate proper batting mechanics.  At this level, the ball is a 12" inch hard softball.  Pitchers pitch from a 40' foot pitching distance.  Bases are 60' feet apart.  Limited stealing of second and third base is allowed (baserunner may leave when ball crosses plate).  Girls play a 6 inning game.  

Senior Division - Open to girls entering grades 7 & 8 in September of 2022.  The Senior Division is the most competitive level of play for softball within our league. At this level, the ball is a 12" inch hard softball.  Pitchers pitch from a 43' foot pitching distance.   Bases are 60' feet apart.  Full stealing of second, third and home (baserunner may leave when ball leaves pitcher's hand).  Maximum of 6 runs can be scored per inning, inning ends when the 6th run crosses the plate.  Six run rule is lifted in the 7th inning for Seniors.  15 Run Mercy rule after 5 innings.

The Pre-Farm season is 6 games in length and runs the 1st week of May through mid-June.  Games for Pre-Farm are played on Friday from 5:30-7:00pm.  The Farm season is 10 games in length and runs the 1st week of May through mid-June. For Juniors & Seniors, the season is 12 games in length, running from the last week of April through mid-June.    Games are Monday-Friday, 5:30-7:30pm, with one home and one away game per week. A weekend practice is scheduled around soccer games.  

Junior and Senior Divisions have playoffs at the end of the regular season.  For the 2022 season all teams made it to the playoffs and there were A and B brackets for the Divisions and the League Championships.  Historically the Division Finals and League Championship games are played on Father’s Day weekend.  Please keep that in mind and let your coach know as soon as possible if you are not available that weekend.

The Regular season starts the week of April 24th and ends mid June.  Playoffs will start June 12th with the finals scheduled for June 18th.  

Contact Anna Cooper, BAA Girls Softball Director, via email with your questions -




This year Boxford has teamed up with Topsfield and Middleton to have winter training clinics as a Tri-Town.  They will be held at D&R Indoor Sports Arena @ Topsfield Fairgrounds in Topsfield and will run every Thursday from 6pm-7pm starting January 12th through March 16th.  These sessions are open to all girls in Pre-Farm, Farm, Junior & Senior Divisions (grades 1-8).  

The sessions offer players a terrific opportunity to learn and practice the proper softball fundamentals and mechanics for throwing, hitting and fielding (while having some fun) prior to the start of the season!

Each player should bring water, a glove, a fielder’s mask and a softball bat if you have one but don’t worry we will have bats.




We recommend that you consider purchasing slide shorts and a slide pad. Sliding is part of the game and we expect the girls to get in under the tag. The pads make it less painful and help prevent scrapes and bruises.

Although we have batting helmets available, if you are planning on buying your own, helmets with a face mask are required.

If your daughter is new to the game, consider a face mask.  Most of the girls purchase a mask as protection against a bad hop.  If you are thinking about pitching, it is an absolute must.  

On the list of good ideas for equipment are cleats, batting gloves, and of course a fielding glove.  Many of the Sr. girls have purchased their own bat. Bats are a larger investment as they can easily run up to $350.00.  These should be considered only for the most serious players.  We have plenty of good bats available for different size players. 

If you are not sure about the best glove or bat, ask one of the coaches.   We can help you find a quality glove that will work well and help them catch the ball effectively.  


We will be sticking with the light blue jerseys that we have used in recent years.  Uniforms can be purchased at Team outfitters in Georgetown. You will want to go in for a fitting to select pants, and the jersey as well as getting the team socks.  We are not recommending the visor since they never seem to get worn.  If you already own a uniform that fits, you are all set.  Below is information on getting your new uniform:

Ordering info for the Boxford Girls Softball Uniform for grades 3-8

The uniform is the same as the previous seasons.  If your daughter's uniform still fits, you are all set.

The jersey is custom and you need to order through Team & League Outfitters in Georgetown.

The pants are solid black.  You can order through Team & League, but they are not custom so you can purchase them elsewhere.  The socks are light blue to match the jersey and are typically $8 at Team & League

Visors are custom but are OPTIONAL and can be ordered through Team & League Outfitters.

Fitting dates at Team & League Outfitters in Georgetown:
Monday, March 6th through Monday, March 27th
Fitting Hours: Mon - Fri 11am-6pm, Sat 8am-Noon. No appt. necessary.

If you know what sizes you need, you can either text or email Jen to place your order.  Since the uniform is purchased to fit for more than 1 year, Jen can't choose your sizes for you, so if you don't know what sizes you need, please visit the store.

Team & League Outfitters info:

Jen Dziadosz (email is and text # is 978-314-8339)103 EAST Main Street (Rt. 133 - Georgetown Building Supply Plaza)
Georgetown, MA 01833

T-shirts will be provided for Instructional and Pre-Farm registrations. 

The B.A.A. does not discriminate on the basis of sex, gender identity, race, color, religion, national origin, marital status, age, sexual orientation, handicap, disability or ability to pay.  The Boxford Athletic Association does not tolerate sexual harassment by any participant in its programs, adult or child.