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Mens Softball

2019 Boxford Men's Softball Registration will open on March 1, 2019. Please email the commissioner with any questions or concerns.

BAA Men’s Softball has been enjoyed by Boxford residents since 1981.

There are currently over 200 players - and growing.
Because the league consists of Boxford residents and employees only, this is a great opportunity for you and your family to meet new friends from town.
Teams play 2 weekday 6:30 P.M. games per week between late June and late August.
Players must be a Boxford resident and at least 30 years old.  If you are not a resident, but work in the Town of Boxford, you are eligible to play as well.



Registration for new players will end on the day of the draft, TBD.  Most likely in mid May 2019.

For all new players, the Draft will be on TBD at 4:00PM (time subject to change).  Please plan to attend.  It's a quick work out with some hitting and fielding and then teams will select new players.  All players will be placed at the draft.  Anyone that cannot make it will be placed randomly according to the rules in place.

Late registration for returning players will be after APRIL 15, 2019.  Any player not registered by the One Pitch on 6/15/2019 will be ineligible for the 2019 season.

The one Pitch will be Saturday morning, 6/15/2019 beginning at 8:00AM.   We will have lunch served for those participating and families beginning around 11:30/12PM.  Please come on down.  



MAY 30, 2018 7:00PM 

Managers Meeting.  Please let your manager know if you have any rule change suggestions or if you have any issues with registration.

JUNE 3, 2018  4:00PM

2018 New Player Draft - All new players should report to Johnson Field (7A Spofford Road) for a quick preseason workout, player draft and find out what team you will be on for the coming season.  

It's a great time to meet the team managers, some future teammates and see some of the other new guys entering as the class on 2018!

You will need cleats/sneakers, glove and water.  We will have bats (or bring your own), pitchers and others there to help out and make sure everyone has some fun.

If you would like a little warm up before the draft, we are at Johnson Field on some Saturday/Sunday mornings as a group getting in some action from 8-10AM.  All are welcome to come down and participate.  We begin at 8, but us old guys are there really early to stretch and get ready.

JUNE 16, 2018 - Annual One Pitch

We will hold our annual One Pitch Tourney and cook out on the 16th.  Games begin at 8:30AM and are usually done by 1:00PM.  It's a great day to come down, have some fun and bring the family.  We will play a round robin style to get to a final 4 (how many games depends on total teams) and then a semi final and final game.  Lunch will be served around noon time for all players and families (don't tell the kids, but there may even be ice cream).  Please let your manager know if you will be participating.


Check the schedule at the bottom of the site to see the full schedule.  Some teams will play on the first day and others will begin on Tuesday.  We are looking forward to a fun, healthy season for all!

This year we'll have a game on Thursday night prior to the One Pitch!  Come on down to J1 and see the Saints and Jets kick of 2018!  Remember those red cups and scout the competition.

Sunday, September 23, 2018- ANNUAL ALL STAR GAME

Each team will have the opportunity to reward it's top 2 players by selecting them to play in our all star game.  It's a fun day for all and all players and families are welcome to come down and support your teammates as we see who the best division is, NORTH vs. SOUTH.  We typically start early afternoon and have a catered BBQ for everyone when the game is over.   No Patriots game this year so come on down and enjoy the game.   Mark it in the calendar!

October 19, 2018 - BANQUET & GOLF - There is a slight chance we can move it up to September 18th, but it looks like we'll be enjoying the foliage and mid 60's fall weather. 


Save the date!   We will have our year end banquet and charity golf tournament.  

GOLF - Noon shotgun tee times for all groups.  Larry O'Connell does a great job running the tournament and it's a fun day for a good cause.  Details will be posted as we get closer.  Please let you manager know or contact Larry to reserve your foursome!

BANQUET - Our year end banquet will begin shortly after the golf outing concludes, usually around 6PM.  The food is awesome, we have awards for the winning team, all stars and top players from the season.  We would love to see everyone attend and enjoy looking back on another great season of Boxford Men's Softball.  There's a rumor that you get free drinks too, but don't listen to those guys. 



1) Brewers                         7) Titans

2) Jets                                   8) Cowboys

3) Eagles                              9) Raiders

4) Saints                            10) Falcons

5) Patriots                        11) Hawks

6) Bears                             12) Chiefs



NORTH                                             SOUTH

Cowboys                                          Bears

Eagles                                                 Brewers

Falcons                                              Chiefs

Hawks                                                Jets

Patriots                                             Raiders

Titans                                                 Saints

Jim Locke


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